Another new discovery, thanks Last.FM!

Been a bit of a Last.FM obsessive these last few months, to the point of worrying about it when I find myself listening to stuff off my iPod or iTunes instead of putting the CD on so that it scrobbles properly, that can’t be right! Luckily I found a manual scrobbler for Firefox called scRYMble so that even if I listen to a CD I can get it to scrobble, Jesus, what a sad git you are Pollard!

But, in between these moments of madness I have recently been using the radio feature, especially the ‘Your Recommended Radio’ channel which uses your listens to suggest similarly tagged artists. This has brought a couple of bands to my notice recently (specifically Blueneck and If These Trees Could Talk) and this morning it came up trumps again with Amplifier.

With a name like that they’re clearly not going to be a soft folky ballady type band and they’re not. They mine the same sort of vein as fellow Manchester rockers Oceansize.

Thanks to Spotify I am currently listening to the second of their albums, it’s pretty darned good! They remind me a bit of 90s band Skyscraper, if anyone remembers them?!

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