A Halloween Playlist

Here’s a spooky little 17 track playlist for this All Hallow’s Eve, click here to listen to it via Spotify, I’ve included videos where I could for you non-Spotify peeps;

1. III – Melvins & Lustmord
To get you in the scary mood here’s a little 3 minute soundscape that builds with foreboding. There isn’t a video anywhere that I can find for this so have a look at this video someone’s made for Part 2 of Lustmord’s almost unrecognisable remix of Tool’s Schism  which uses some damn weird animation footage from The Brothers Quaye, check out pt1 as well if you have time to get the full 18 minute experience!

2. Halloween Main Theme – Zombie Zombie
The classic horror movie soundtrack funked up nicely in this cover! No video for this, here’s the original theme;

3. Halloween – Dead Kennedys
Jello Biafra and co railing in true surf-punk style against the conformity of increasingly commercial events such as Halloween.

4. There’s A Ghost In My House – R. Dean Taylor
The Motown classic

5. Seaww – oOoOO
Can’t have a Halloween playlist without a bit of Witch House, slowed down woozy weirdness!

6. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
“Undead, Undead”

7. I, Zombie – White Zombie
Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween – not a patch on the original

8. Roses – White Ring
More Witch House spookiness

9. Where The Wild Roses Grow – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
A nice gentle ballad about a brutal murder, good on yer Nick & Kylie!

10. My Plague – Slipknot
Wake yourself back up with their end-credits song from the Resident Evil movie.

11. Ghosts – Deftones
A surprisingly faithful cover of Japan’s 80s hit.

12. Car Chase Terror! – M83
No, I don’t know where this sample comes from, a bit freaky though!

13. Tubular Bells (theme to The Exorcist) – Mike Oldfield
The iconic theme to “the scariest film ever made” (according to Mark Kermode, I laughed a fair bit when I finally saw it! The Exorcist III with George C Scott is scarier IMHO)

14. There’s A Ghost In My House – The Fall
Mark E. Smith’s version of the Motown classic. Nice silver lamé shirt Mark!

15. Ghosts – Ladytron
This one isn’t a cover of the Japan track.

16. Come To Daddy – The Dillinger Escape Plan/Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin’s original is not on Spotify so have this scary cover version with Mike Patton of Faith No More fame screaming his lungs out! The video is Chris Cunningham’s original for Aphex Twin;

17. What’s He Building In There – Tom Waits
And to finish, the weird spoken word track from Mule Variations, what is he building in there?

Happy Halloween folks!

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