30 Days of Music: Day 5 – A Song That Reminds You of Someone

The Bluetones – Bluetonic

I’m going to try and avoid embarrassing myself and others in this post and restrict myself to saying that today’s tune, “Bluetonic” by The Bluetones, reminds me of someone who was extremely important to me and was the main ingredient of a couple of the best years of my life. When we met, her music collection was minimal to say the least, I think it topped out at a remarkable eight compact discs, so I took it as my quest to expand her horizons musically! 🙂

One of the first albums I played one day in the car was The Bluetones’ debut “Expecting To Fly“, this quickly became the tape of choice on car journeys. “What do you fancy listening to?” I would enquire, silently hoping that we could maybe give it a rest for a change, “Stick the Bluetones on, have you still got that in the car?”, damn, yes I had! When I remembered I finally took the tape out of the car so we could listen to something else for a while, I had got well and truly sick of the album by this point!

I chose “Bluetonic” mainly because of the lyric “When I am sad and weary/When all my hope is gone/I walk around my house and think of you with nothing on”, which makes me smile everytime I hear it. I subsequently discovered that this line is appropriated from a poem by Adrian Mitchell called “Celia Celia”;

When I am sad and weary,
When I think all hope has gone,
When I walk along High Holborn,
I think of you with nothing on.

I listened to “Expecting To Fly” the other night for the first time in years and the emotions and memories that flooded in through my headphones even after all these years, were positively tangible, damn you music for being so emotive 😕

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  1. #1 by MickeyD on March 19, 2011 - 7:12 am

    This is definitely that hardest one for me. Not really a case of which song, more a case of which person… Can I give a few??
    Sally Cinnamon by the Stone Roses
    Patience by Guns N Roses
    Skinny Love by Bon Iver

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