30 Days of Music: Day 11 – A Song From Your Favourite Band

As a consumer of a wide variety of music styles and genres, the concept of a “favourite band”, like the concept of favourite song or album, can seem a bit irrelevant and hard to answer, but unlike the previous two, for this category I already had a band in mind when I first saw the list.

I have expressed my love for the post-rock genre before on these pages and the band I’m choosing here have not only become my favourite post-rock artist but I think for the last couple of years they have become my favourite band, that band is God Is An Astronaut from County Wicklow in Ireland. I have to choose these guys as they are one of the few bands that I will always make the effort to go and see play live (if they’re playing locally, I’m not a total fanboy!) and will make the effort to be near the front, bollocks to those hipsters that say people over 35 should stay at the back. I have seen them each year since 2008 (twice last year) and they never disappoint, although it’s a shame that they no longer have their projection screen up at gigs showing visuals, I always thought this added an extra element to their shows (the video below is the sort of thing they would have projected at the back of the stage).

I used to be evangelical about bands I was currently into, telling whoever would listen about them. Over the years I have stopped doing this, only because I got a little tired of the effort to explain (“post/math/psych-rock/metal/core? what the hell is that?”), the blank responses and “who? oh yeah, maybe I’ll check them out sometime”. So I was thrilled when I found out that after including them in one of my past end-of-year lists, my nephew had also become a fan and got hold of everything they’d recorded. Perhaps, subconsciously, that’s why I started this blog, so I could evangelise without the blank looks and thinly disguised disinterest and also to hopefully reach other people and get bands I like more fans!

Unlike the other categories that insist on one specific tune that satisfies the criteria, this one allows a bit more free reign. Although I could now be faced with a dilemma of choice, which track off one of their five albums should I choose? But looking at the play-counts in iTunes there was one track that had twice the amount of plays as any other, so I guess I ought to pick that one. That track is “The End of the Beginning”;

Sod it, they’re so good I’m choosing another song as well! “Zodiac”, another favourite;

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  1. #1 by MickeyD on March 26, 2011 - 7:53 am

    Despite having head you talk about them before, I still haven’t listened to them yet, so have actually played the link above and I have to agree that they’re not bad…. 😉

    Well you know my favourite band…. so which song?? My favourite has been covered in an earlier day, so I’m going for ‘Butterflies and Hurricanes’, also from the album Absolution. Wonder if that means it’s actually my favourite album??

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