30 Days of Music: Day 25 – A Song That Makes You Laugh

This is the one category that I had a song in mind for as soon as I saw the list!

Comedy records do not have a particularly strong history, in the main even the best ones are funny for a couple of listens and then just never get listened to again, because for 90% of “comedy” records the actual music doesn’t stand up to repeated listens. The effort has clearly gone into writing funny or amusing lyrics and the melodies sometimes seem like an after thought.

Even bands who do very well with their comedy style and have more than a clutch of decent melodies, Goldie Lookin’ Chain for example, who rode quite high with pretty funny tunes such as “Your Mother’s Got A Penis” and “Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do” struggle to garner the attention from fans and press alike that they used to.

However, one band that have continued to hold a firm fanbase that have been around since 1984 and have released eleven albums even though they’ve never really risen above the underground are Half Man Half Biscuit. Most widely known for songs like “The Trumpton Riots“, “Fuckin’ ‘ell it’s Fred Titmus!” and “Dickie Davies Eyes“, the track I am going to pick for today is “All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit”.  This tune should fire a lot of memories for anyone that owned an incomplete Subbuteo set or a cheap knock off Scalextric as a child!

“It was a dodgy transformer, again and again, a dodgy transformer that cost three pound ten” – classic! 😀

Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

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  1. #1 by MickeyD on April 11, 2011 - 6:05 am

    This is a toughie at 6am as not much makes me laugh at this time of day and my brain isn’t really in gear enough to think about it too much!

    However, “Tribute” by Tenacious D springs to mind! 🙂

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