April Highlights

A couple of days late but never mind. Here are some tunes from albums I’ve heard over the last month that have been ticking my boxes!

Explosions in the Sky – Trembling Hands

The Texan post-rocker’s sixth album “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” was released this month and to me it is their best since 2003’s “The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place“.

Jeniferever – The Beat of Our Own Blood

A track off Swedish post-rock/ambient/indie outfit’s third album “Silesia“. From a few listens I reckon it’s their most cohesive and interesting album thus far.

Low – Especially Me

Minnesota’s finest released their ninth studio album “C’mon” earlier in the month and it’s another lump of slow loveliness, reverting from the relative rockiness of “The Great Destroyer” and the experimentation of “Drums and Guns” and feels more like career highlight “Things We Lost in the Fire”

The Mountain Goats – For Charles Bronson

I’m a newcomer to John Darnielle’s rather brilliant lyricism and unique voice. So as well as exploring his (huge) back catalogue I got hold of his new album “All Eternals Deck” off emusic this month and it is slowly seeping into my brain.

And So I Watch You From Afar – Search:Party:Animal

Yes, I know their new album “Gangs” is officially released this week (beginning of May) but as it got leaked the band decided to release the digital copy early via bandcamp early last week and I’ve been playing it to death, so it will probably also appear in the May highlights post!

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