July Musical Highlights

Bit of a short one this month, due to the fact that I rejoined the working masses half way through the month means I have not listened to as much new stuff as I have done in previous months this year. You may also see an (even more) infrequent amount of posts as I get used to not getting home before 18:30 and only really having weekends to spend time on listening to new stuff so bear with me.

Here are a couple of tunes from new stuff I have managed to listen to this month;

Thurston Moore – Benediction A track from his Beck produced solo album “Demolished Thoughts”, a largely acoustic album that, combined with Moore’s whispered vocals provides a much more delicate listen than you might expect from the Sonic Youth front man and noise aficionado!

Herman Dune – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know After coming across this charming video (also starring Mad Men’s Jon Hamm!) I decided to investigate the rest of the album “Strange Moosic” and it’s a nice collection of alt-folk tunes. A really soothing listen for a hung over Sunday morning (although I’m not hung over and it’s now Sunday afternoon, but never mind!)

True Widow – Skull Eyes Imagine if Low put a bit more fuzz on their guitar parts and mixed in a bit of sludgy slowed down Jesus & Mary Chain style shoegaze, then I think something like True Widow would be the result! Track taken from the Texas three piece’s second, snappily titled album, “As High as the Highest Heavens and from the Centre to the Circumference of the Earth”

The Horrors – Still Life Their third album “Skying” is showing yet another stylistic shift, reining in on the MBV fixations of the previous album, sounding more now like a cross between The Chameleons, The Psychedelic Furs and early Simple Minds, this album has been quite a pleasant surprise.

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  1. #1 by Kuz on August 6, 2011 - 4:32 pm

    The Thurston Moore record and True Widow sound intriguing. I’ll check them out further, cheers!

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