The IPTOS 50 Best Albums of 2011… coming soon!

Ha, not quite yet! But it will be this week!

I have the week off work (oh yes!) and a portion of it will be spent crafting the all important, *booming voice*, “END OF YEAR LIST”! The reason this blog was set up in the first place has come around again!

This year will be slightly different, in that I will not be ranking the whole 50, it’s too difficult and it puts unfair judgment on those “lower” down the list.  So this year I will do one or two posts about the first 40 albums on the list, possibly in the order I heard them (if I can remember) otherwise pretty random. The Top Ten however will be ranked, as these will be the albums that have obviously impressed me most over 2011 and I feel I can preference by how much I’ve played them, plus any other redeeming features.

I am also thinking of doing a cloudcast of tracks from albums that didn’t quite make the fifty, I haven’t done a cloudcast like that since earlier this year, so we’ll see if I can be bothered! 🙂

Watch this space!

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