Releases I’m looking forward to in 2012

Now the 2011 list making and reviewing is almost over it is time to start looking forward to what is to come in 2012.

Aside from the as yet undiscovered delights that I am sure 2012 will bestow upon us, there are a few releases that are planned to happen in the next few months that have me salivating to listen! Three of these are on the back of EPs that have truly whetted the appetite. Here are a few things I am really looking forward to hearing here at IPTOS Towers in the next few months;

Hawk Eyes – Previously known as Chickenhawk, this band of noisy buggers from Leeds released the Mindhammers EP in December and it’s hardly been off rotation since. As yet unnamed, their new album (their second as a band but first as Hawk Eyes) should hopefully see the light of day in the first half of 2012. If the five tracks on Mindhammers are anything to go by it should be a pretty stellar listen. From the opening Reuben-esque salvo of “Crack Another One” to the six minute epic closer “Hidden Hound”, Mindhammers fully lives up to its name! (the whole EP can be streamed from their Bandcamp site here)


Future of the Left – I wrote a little bit about their new EP “Polymers are Forever” here and that has got me very interested in their upcoming third album to be titled “The Plot Against Common Sense” which will also hopefully be released in the next couple of months. Looking at a post on their blog that details most of the song titles that will appear already have me grinning, almost tapping my feet in expectation; “Sheena is a T-shirt Salesman”, “Sorry Dad, I Was Late For The Riots” and my favourite, “Robocop 4 – Fuck off Robocop”!


Mark Lanegan Band – Owner of one of my favourite voices in rock, miserablist supreme, Mark Lanegan returns in February with “Blues Funeral” the first album from the ex-Screaming Trees, sometime Queens of the Stone Age vocalist since 2004’s “Bubblegum”. 2004?? Nearly eight years, blimey! Probably due to the fact that he’s done stuff with Isobel Campbell, The Gutter Twins, QOTSA, Soulsavers and various other projects in the meantime means it doesn’t seem that long since his cigarette ravaged rumble graced these ears. The first track to be released from the new album is The Gravedigger’s Song (always one for cheery titles is our Mark!)


The Soft Moon – Another EP that has had me itching for more is “Total Decay” by San Francisco electro, post-punk outfit The Soft Moon. In this case I have no information about any upcoming release, but the EP is just too short to keep me satisfied for long so I hope they get something out there pretty soon. If you clicked on the link to my little review of the FOTL EP above you’ll have seen my effusive praise of this dark, sinister yet uplifting EP.


The Twilight Sad – This has caught me slightly on the hop as I’ve not really been keeping my eye out for information on these guys. So I am rather happy to see that new album “No One Can Ever Know” is due in February! Their debut “Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters” remains a great favourite of mine and having heard three tracks from the new album (2 of which are available to download free off their website) I’m really looking forward to it and seeing them live again to experience their wall of sound!


Finally, this is more of a desperate hope rather than any inside knowledge, please, please, Mr Keenan and friends, please can we have a new Tool album in 2012?? It’s been longer than your usual five years between releases, it’s more than six since 10,000 Days!  I know you’ve been busy with Puscifer and yes, Conditions of my Parole made it to number two in my list, but goddamn it my patience has a limit you know!!!

Phew, ok, sorry about that. As you were.

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