January Highlights – An Addendum

I knew I’d forgotten something! In yesterday’s post I should have mentioned the new EP from Chino Moreno’s side project †††, titled EP †† it is unsurprisingly the second release (following last August’s EP ) from the difficult to google band (search from “Crosses” that’ll work)!

Ploughing a more gentle, electronic furrow than his Deftones day job, despite the logo’s similarity to a lot of “witch house” acts, the music is not in the same ballpark, almost as Jules in Pulp Fiction put it, it’s not even the same fucking sport! More like; ††† are to Deftones like A Perfect Circle are to Tool if I can put it like that.

You can buy buy the EP and/or listen to a free download of the single “Prurien” here: crossesmusic.com (you can download the first EP for free here too!)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKrCOpfIxOA]

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