Random Pleasures No. 9

Part of me wants to pack in doing these as no bugger ever seems to listen to them (No.8 is still sat at zero listens on Mixcloud), and they take a fair bit of effort! But I am going to persevere, for the meantime anyway. Hopefully they’ll find some listeners sooner or later.

So here is another playlist of the first 10 tracks spat out by my iTunes shuffle, click on the widget below to listen, track listing at the bottom the page;

Vodpod videos no longer available.

1. Hüsker Dü – Visionary (from the album Candy Apple Grey)
2. Dawn of the Replicants – Hogwash Farm (from the album One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs)
3. Spiritualized – Anything More (from the album Let It Come Down)
4. Audioslave – Out Of Exile (from the album Out Of Exile)
5. The Go! Team – Keys To The City (from the album Proof Of Youth)
6. Leftfield – Melt (from the album Leftism)
7. Mogwai – Team Handed (from the album Mr. Beast)
8. The Delgados – The Past That Suits You Best (from the album The Great Eastern)
9. Kundalini Rising – Kayomani (from the album Gatecrasher Global Sound System)
10. Melvins – Hag Me (from the album Houdini Live – Endless Residency Box Set)

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