New Spotify Playlist

Now that pretty much all of The Jesus Lizard’s stuff is up on Spotify, I thought I’d do a Best Of playlist (my opinion of the Best Of anyway!)

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1. Mouth Breather (from the 1991 album Goat)
2. Pastoral (from the 1990 album Head)
3. Block Buster (from the 1989 EP Pure)
4. Killer McHann (Head)
5. Puss (from the 1992 album Liar)
6. And Then The Rain (from the 1998 album Blue)
7. Nub (Goat)
8. Boilermaker (Liar)
9. Then Comes Dudley (Goat)
10. Destroy Before Reading (from the 1994 album Down)
11. Churl (from the 1996 album Shot)
12. Zachariah (Liar)
13. A Tale of Two Women (Blue)
14. Gladiator (Liar)
15. Countless Backs of Sad Losers (Down)
16. Cold Water (Blue)
17. Rope (Liar)
18. Monkey Trick (Goat)
19. Thumbscrews (Shot)
20. Happy Snakes (Blue)

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