Random Pleasures No. 10

Okay, unless I get people saying otherwise this will be the last of these for the time being. Number 10 seems like a good number to stop on, I still like the idea of sharing what comes out of my iTunes shuffle so may do something else in the future but for now this will be the last Random Pleasures cloudcast. Don’t forget they are all on Mixcloud as well as here (and no.8 still has 0 listens, you bastards! :)) if you do fancy listening to them.

Well, it seems fate also wants me to pack these in, the usual thing I use to get the widget to embed here (vodpod) has gone, it just routes to lockerz.com! So if you do want to listen to it you will have to click right here. If I find another way of embedding it here I will do so.

Tracklisting (Spotify links where available)

1. Isis – Sgnl>02 (from the album Celestial)
2. Lush – For Love (from the album Spooky)
3. If These Trees Could Talk – Above The Earth (from the album Above The Earth Below The Sky)
4. Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie (Live from Woodstock ’94)
5. Kylesa – Spiral Shadow (from the album Spiral Shadow)
6. The Go! Team – Feelgood By Numbers (from the album Thunder, Lightning, Strike)
7. I Concur – Oblige (from the album Able Archer)
8. KMFDM – Mercy (from the album Symbols)
9. Caspian – Reprise (from the album Four Trees)
10. Mogwai – Burn Girl Prom Queen (from the album EP+6)

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