New track streaming by Blanck Mass – White Math

Ben Power’s electronic drone side project Blanck Mass produced one of my favourite albums of last year with his self titled debut. The walls of beatless electronic noise were as hypnotic as they were compelling, although they inhabited the same universe as the output of his Fuck Buttons day job the tracks were far less abrasive while still retaining some of the menace. Loud on headphones it was, for a while, narcotically addictive!

So I was suitably excited when I found out that he has a new 12″ coming out (not a whole album unfortunately). White Math/Polymorph is released on August 21st and White Math has been made available on Soundcloud.

Embracing beats and more melody than a lot of the tracks of the debut, White Math is eleven minutes of suitably hypnotic, almost trance inducing electronic dreaminess. Looking forward to hearing the other track on the 12″ and after hearing this I’m hoping that another full length release is not too far away.

As an interesting aside, I noticed two Fuck Buttons tracks and a remix of Blanck Mass’s “Sundowner” featuring the London Symphony Orchestra playing a large part in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony! Although more than 90% of the viewers have probably never heard of either it still got Ben’s (and Andrew Hung’s) music out to the widest possible audience! I have attached a clip of the LSO version of Sundowner below.


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