Ten Years of Compilation CDs Part 1

A year ago I lost a close friend to cancer that I had known since I was ten years old, one of the most beautifully unique humans it was my honour and pleasure to know, so I thought it was time I finally got around to starting this series of posts I initially thought about doing following her funeral.

On my 40th birthday (ten years ago) I had a bunch of friends visit and previously I had spent a good while knocking up a big playlist that could play for most of the evening to avoid having to keep changing CDs etc.

At the time I remember Annette commenting she was enjoying the music and I offered to do her a CD of some, as I was (and still am) always keen to share the stuff I love with other people. My only instruction from her was to avoid too much of the heavy stuff.

This began ten years of music mixes making their way down from Leeds to Somerset. It started slow but gradually she was texting me to request more, more, and I was sending down two CDs at a time! Culminating in volume 50 (!) reaching her in the last couple of months before she died last year.

There was something hugely gratifying about someone enjoying my selection of tunes, it just encouraged me to find more great tunes to burn and send!

So as a tribute to Annette and in the hope that maybe more people would like to have a listen to what, as she used to tell me, got blasted out in the car, at the gym or just through headphones, I am going to try and do Mixcloud mixes of each compilation (this series may take a while, assuming I don’t give up!)

Volumes 1 & 2 are unfortunately lost to the mists of time, I think I did them the old fashioned way recording from CDs and so don’t have a record of the track listing so we’ll have to start with volume 3 of what I liked to call “Net, That’s What I Call Music”. Have a listen via the widget below the track listing!

Track Listing;

1. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Come Saturday
2. Redjetson – For Those Who Died Dancing
3. The Drones – Words from the Executioner to Alexander Pearce
4. Future of the Left – Throwing Bricks at Trains
5. Engineers – Hang Your Head
6. Phoenix – Lasso
7. Obits – Widow of My Dreams
8. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Ascending
9. And So I watch You From Afar – Tip of the Hat, Punch in the Face
10. Frightened Rabbit – Keep Yourself Warm
11. God is an Astronaut – Zodiac
12. Fever Ray – Triangle Works
13. Grammatics – Inkjet Lakes
14. Silversun Pickups – The Royal We
15. Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow


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