Ten Years of Compilation CDs Part 3 (CD No.5)

One of the weaker of the mixes if I’m honest. Following the good feedback regarding Rodrigo y Gabriella I stuck them on as first track therefore possibly peaking way too soon, I then followed it up with the instrumental riffage of Karma To Burn which didn’t go down too well and on reflection Million Dead may have been a bit much (I love this track but I’m not sure what I was thinking there!). The mix also commits the sin of having two tracks by the same artist not once but twice! It’s not all a disaster, there are some great tracks here, Saul Williams’ Black Stacey was a huge hit with Annette. But it doesn’t really flow as well as it should. I must have been having an off week!

1. Rodrigo Y Gabriella – Master Maqui
2. Karma To Burn – Forty-Two
3. Guided By Voices – My Valuable Hunting Knife
4. Let’s Wrestle – My Schedule
5. Million Dead – Living The Dream
6. Röyksopp – Remind Me (Someone Else’s Radio Remix)
7. Man or Astro-man? – Interstellar Hardrive
8. The Joy Formidable – I Don’t Want To See You Like This
9. Her Name Is Calla – Thief
10. Mogwai – San Pedro
11. A Hawk & A Hacksaw – Fernando’s Giampari
12. The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day
13. Rocket From The Crypt – Pigeon Eater
14. Guided By Voices – Everywhere With Helicopter
15. Let’s Wrestle – Song For Old People
16. Saul Williams – Black Stacey
17. Grails – I Led Three Lives

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