Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.10)

The mixes reach double figures!

Notables this time include the second appearance by HMHB (featuring one of my favourite HMHB lines “There’s a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets”!)  and the second appearance in as many CDs by Roots Manuva, some nostalgic 80s post punk with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, the Gene/Smiths soundalikes Northern Portrait, some twinkly post rock from Vessels before they went full techno on us, ending with the storytelling of the Tindersticks track and the delicate Nils Frahm track to close the CD on a mellow note.

1. Deadly Avenger – We Took Vegas
2. The Detroit Cobras – I’ll Keep Holding On
3. Half Man Half Biscuit – National Shite Day
4. El-P – Oh Hail No
5. Roots Manuva – Banana Skank
6. dEUS – Quatre Mains
7. Animal Collective – My Girls
8. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
9. Grandaddy – Summer Here Kids
10. Pavement – Summer Babe (Winter Version)
11. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk About The Weather
12. Disappears – Love Drug
13. Northern Portrait – Crazy
14. I Like Trains – The Hive
15. Vessels – Happy Accident
16. Tindersticks – Chocolate
17. Nils Frahm – Familiar

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