Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.17)

Volume 17 begins woozily with the quite trippy Grails track before booting you up the backside with the surf guitar of Man or Astro-man? and the kick arse FOTL track (“he was good with his hands!”). It also has a distinct electronic feel with great tracks from Pye Corner Audio, BoC, 65dos, Solar Bears and the epic Fuck Buttons track closing the disc. This mix was apparently put together in November 2013 (according to the date on the track listing document) which explains the token “christmas” track by Run The Jewels! 

Having recently discovered John Grant at this time I put a few of his tracks on these mixes, happily they were very well received. The Sinead O’Connor backing vocals on this one always send shivers down my spine. As always, have a listen below.

1. Grails – I Want A New Drug
2. Man or Astro-man? – Defcon 3
3. Future of the Left – Donny of the Decks
4. Pye Corner Audio – Black Mist
5. 65daysofstatic – Prisms
6. Boards of Canada – New Seeds
7. Public Service Broadcasting – Night Mail
8. Chvrches – Recover
9. The National – Graceless
10. John Grant – Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore
11. Run The Jewels – A Christmas Fucking Miracle
12. Melt Yourself Down – Mouth To Mouth
13. Joanna Gruesome – Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers
14. The Icarus Line – Don’t Let Me Save Your Soul
15. Parquet Courts – Yr No Stoner
16. TRAAMS – Swimming Pool
17. Solar Bears – Cosmic Runner
18. Fuck Buttons – Hidden Xs

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