Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.38)

Volume 38 starts with a rather obvious “came up on shuffle” track, a very pleasant tune from some free compilation CD somewhere! 

Some nice shifts with the transitions from The Warlocks’ psychedelia to Nick Cave’s dark croons then changing mood in a flash with the joyous Camera Obscura!

Track 9, Gallowbraid, a black metal band surely? Yes, this track isn’t though obviously, just lovely acoustic plucking and choral harmonies. Hmm, and on mixing I now realise the transition from that into the dirty techno of Blanck Mass is more jarring than the genius I clearly thought it was at the time!

The Ballboy track got good feedback, for the sentiment more than anything I think!

The tail end of the mix is a bit of a scatter gun of styles, not unknown on these mixes admittedly but John Spencer into Blaggers then Sigur Rós? Why not, just roll with it, as someone once said.

1. Adrian Crowley – Season Of The Sparks
2. Les Savy Fav – Blackouts On Thursday
3. Done Lying Down – !$%*x? (or Something)
4. The Warlocks – Baby Blue
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
6. Camera Obscura – Swans
7. Feist & Ben Gibbard – Train Song
8. Lanterns On The Lake – Our Cool Decay
9. Gallowbraid – Autumn I
10. Blanck Mass – Double Cross
11. Pavement – Shady Lane
12. Ballboy – You Can’t Spend Your Whole Life Hanging Around With Arseholes
13. New Model Army – Bad Old World
14. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – The Flood
15. Spectres – Where Flies Sleep
16. Tom Waits – Black Wings
17. Sleaford Mods – Bronx In A Six
18. Blues Explosion – Mars, Arizona
19. Blaggers I.T.A. – Hate Generator
20. Sigur Rós – Untitled 6

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