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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.44)

Volume 44 begins with yet another track by Courtney Barnett, the third in four mixes, I was clearly a bit obsessed by her album at the time! It’s followed by one of my favourite ever cover versions and track four is quite poignant currently, although Keith does not feature on this DJ album, it was […]

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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.43)

This and the previous mix were done concurrently I think, the mixes were really ramping up in frequency in the last couple of years, so it’s fitting that I upload them at the same time. I’m pushing the envelope of acceptability again with the squall of METZ into the Sonic Youth-esque snarl of Ikara Colt […]

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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.42)

Volume 42 is another mash up of genres. Not often in my music collection do we come across pop music but we have some straight up electronic pop with Chvrches, Grimes and Austra, but they are book-ended by the dark electro-goth of The Soft Moon and the indie rock of We Are Scientists so don’t […]

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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.41)

Retribution Gospel Choir, the rockier side project of Low’s Alan Sparhawk kicks off Vol41 in style, leading abruptly into the witty electro pop of John Grant. The Bluetones’ tune is a personal favourite, mainly due to the memories tied to it but also the line “When I am sad and weary, When all my hope […]

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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.40)

And so we reach the final 5th of these mixes with volume 40. Quite an indie-centric mix this time with a couple of forays into rockier territory with Clutch and the early 90s French punk of Les Thugs. Other highlights include the first reappearance of favourites HMHB since vol.30, a classic from St Etienne and […]

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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.39)

The gorgeous dense buzzing synth drone of Petrels builds a climactic, thrilling wall of sound. Close your eyes and drift until the joyful stomp of GBV’s Glad Girls wakes you up with a start to lead you into another good old mixed bag of tunes that is volume 39. A track from post reformation GY!BE […]

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Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.38)

Volume 38 starts with a rather obvious “came up on shuffle” track, a very pleasant tune from some free compilation CD somewhere!  Some nice shifts with the transitions from The Warlocks’ psychedelia to Nick Cave’s dark croons then changing mood in a flash with the joyous Camera Obscura! Track 9, Gallowbraid, a black metal band […]

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