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New track from Nils Frahm

Yes, I’m still here! Just popping back to share this new track from Nils Frahm off his upcoming new album “Spaces” which is released on November 18th on Erased Tapes records. I was lucky enough to catch him performing live in Leeds a few months ago and I recollect him playing this and just blowing […]

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The Year So Far – 25 Favourite Releases of 2013

I know I say this every year but 2013 is another year that has so far produced some cracking albums. Half way through the year and so far I have heard more than sixty new releases, some tremendous, others very good, some not so great. So here’s a simple list of twenty five albums that […]

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It’s A New Year And There Are New Albums To Be Listened To

So, 2013 is well upon us, in fact it’s nearly February, shit! And as is the way of things there are already a stack of new releases I’m working my way through and as it’s pretty much the end of the month I will do my first round up of good stuff I’ve heard. The […]

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October’s Album Highlights

Yes, yes, I know, my updates on this here blog are rather sparse at the moment and for that I apologise. Come December I will have much more time on my hands to devote to it again so hopefully you’ll see more appearing on here than of late. Especially as it’s heading towards the yearly […]

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Recent Highlights

Some new albums that have been enjoying regular rotations at I Prefer Their Old Stuff towers over the last few weeks, as usual Spotify links in the title where available. Baroness – Yellow & Green This double album from the Savannah, Georgia band had been one of my most anticipated albums of 2012 since first […]

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New track streaming by Blanck Mass – White Math

Ben Power’s electronic drone side project Blanck Mass produced one of my favourite albums of last year with his self titled debut. The walls of beatless electronic noise were as hypnotic as they were compelling, although they inhabited the same universe as the output of his Fuck Buttons day job the tracks were far less […]

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