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Ok, so I spoke too soon!

I knew it! As soon as I’d published my last post saying it was likely to be the last post about 2010 releases I knew that was tempting fate! Not long after I was browsing yet another blog’s end of year list and came across Northern Portrait’s album “Criminal Art Lovers” that came out way […]

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If only I’d heard these earlier…

As is usual at this time, end of year lists are appearing all over the net and inevitably upon reading them there are numerous albums I either hadn’t heard of or didn’t take the time to investigate before compiling my own list. Over the past couple of weeks I have been listening to three albums […]

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The Mostly Armless Top 50 Albums of 2010 – The Top Ten

Update: I have done a Spotify playlist of a track from each of the 50 (where available) here. 10. The National – High Violet I only discovered The National when I heard their last album “Boxer” and subsequently went on a mission to devour everything they’d produced up to that point! Through this act I […]

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