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October’s Album Highlights

Yes, yes, I know, my updates on this here blog are rather sparse at the moment and for that I apologise. Come December I will have much more time on my hands to devote to it again so hopefully you’ll see more appearing on here than of late. Especially as it’s heading towards the yearly […]

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The IPTOS 50 Best Albums of 2011 – The Top Ten

Here it is then, the ten best albums I have heard this year. These releases earnt their place by basically being the albums I have kept coming back to, they are the albums that have had me close to approaching awe, or in that place where you just give thanks for a working pair of […]

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2011 – Half Time Report

We’re pretty much half way through the year so I thought it would be good to sum up what albums I think have made the grade and will be showing up in the end of year round up. So far 2011 has been rather excellent for new records, although for me there has not, as […]

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Saturday’s Kids – Working hard for their living!

So the line in the old poem goes, sort of. Or, if you’d rather; “Saturday’s Kids play one arm bandits, They never win but that’s not the point is it, Dip in silver paper when their pints go flat, How about that? Far out!” The Jam – Saturday’s Kids Anyway, these Saturday’s Kids are a […]

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Can You Hear Me Tao?

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Tao of the Dead As a music fan there are certain bands which I consider “my own”, by that I mean bands that I have followed since their inception and that no other people’s recommendations have got me interested in them aside from the […]

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