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New track streaming by Blanck Mass – White Math

Ben Power’s electronic drone side project Blanck Mass produced one of my favourite albums of last year with his self titled debut. The walls of beatless electronic noise were as hypnotic as they were compelling, although they inhabited the same universe as the output of his Fuck Buttons day job the tracks were far less […]

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The IPTOS 50 Best Albums of 2011 – The Top Ten

Here it is then, the ten best albums I have heard this year. These releases earnt their place by basically being the albums I have kept coming back to, they are the albums that have had me close to approaching awe, or in that place where you just give thanks for a working pair of […]

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August Musical Highlights

Crikey, the summer’s nearly over already! Soon kids will be back to school and the roads will return to their gridlocked glory, lovely 🙄 Anyway, let’s see, what delights have been gracing my ears this month. The War on Drugs – Slave Ambient (Secretly Canadian) Sounding like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty on vocals with Neu! […]

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