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February Highlights

It’s been a bit of a good month for new music, lots of stuff has been delighting my jaded old ears. Some expected, some not at all, if the rest of 2012 carries on like this it could be a landmark year! I’ll start with a couple of albums that I predicted last month would […]

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May Musical Highlights

Another month gone and I think I ought to apologise for the relative infrequency of posts on this blog in recent weeks, I seem to be suffering from blog apathy at the moment. After spending quite a while on a couple of posts recently to see them get almost zero views has demoralised me slightly. […]

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30 Days of Music: Day 6 – A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Burial – Archangel Only yesterday in my post I was jokingly criticising music for its emotive qualities enabling a certain piece of music (it may only be a few notes) to transport you back through years and across continents to the memories associated with a certain time you happened to be listening to it. Today’s […]

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