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Random Pleasures No. 1

A friend’s Facebook status about listing the first ten tracks that emerge from your iPod’s shuffle gave me an idea for a series of posts. I’m quite a fan of putting my iTunes on shuffle, setting it to crossfade the tracks and having a ready made mix of nearly 20,000 tracks playing through my hi-fi […]

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IPTOS Cloudcast No.4 – LEEEEDS!

As I have been a resident and regular gig goer in Leeds for the past thirteen years I thought I’d do a cloudcast of a sample of bands that hail from the city. This is not a comprehensive mix of Leeds bands, just a sample, so I apologise if I have not included your band […]

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IPTOS Cloudcast No3 – My Heavier Side

Time for another cloudcast, this time I’m exploring the heavier side of my music tastes. I give fair warning that there’s not a huge amount of clean vocalled singing here, we’ve got roaring, growling, shouting, shrieking and screaming and some other unexplainable vocal noises but not a large amount of melodious singing! There’s no namby-pamby emo shit […]

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IPTOS Cloudcast No2 – Coming Attractions

“So soon?” I hear you ask, well yes it is only a couple of days since the inaugural cloudcast but I had the idea for this one and wanted to get it down before too many of the records I mention in it are released! Depending on ideas etc. the frequency of these will inevitably […]

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IPTOS Cloudcast No1

Welcome to the first I Prefer Their Old Stuff Cloudcast, a short selection of tunes from 2010 albums I managed to miss out on until now. Mostly Armless Cloudcast No1 by BioMech68, posted with vodpod Tracklisting: 1. Deerhunter – Memory Boy 2. Solar Bears – Twin Stars 3. Northern Portrait – The Operation Worked But […]