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I Prefer Their 90s Stuff Part 2 (cloudcast)

I decided it was time to do another cloudcast, a continuation of the last one I did, a selection of tunes from the nineties. A few relatively well known in amongst some that I hope may be less familiar to you. And yes I know I’ve made a mistake, the Half Man Half Biscuit track […]

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Random Pleasures No. 10

Okay, unless I get people saying otherwise this will be the last of these for the time being. Number 10 seems like a good number to stop on, I still like the idea of sharing what comes out of my iTunes shuffle so may do something else in the future but for now this will […]

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Random Pleasures No. 9

Part of me wants to pack in doing these as no bugger ever seems to listen to them (No.8 is still sat at zero listens on Mixcloud), and they take a fair bit of effort! But I am going to persevere, for the meantime anyway. Hopefully they’ll find some listeners sooner or later. So here is another […]

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Random Pleasures No. 8

As the snow falls outside, inside it’s time for another playlist of the first ten tracks spat out by my iTunes Shuffle! Click on the widget or go here to listen to the playlist. IPTOS Random Pleasures No.8 Cloudcast by I Pref…, posted with vodpod Tracklisting; 1. The Twilight Sad – Modern Romance (from the mini […]

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I Prefer Their 90s Stuff! An IPTOS Cloudcast

IPreferTheirOldStuff’s return to the airwaves! It’s been a long time since I did a proper cloudcast and a playlist of 90s tracks I discovered the other night that I’d forgotten I’d done seems as good a reason as any to dust off the old GarageBand again! A bit of blather from me and a load […]

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IPTOS Cloudcast No3 – My Heavier Side

Time for another cloudcast, this time I’m exploring the heavier side of my music tastes. I give fair warning that there’s not a huge amount of clean vocalled singing here, we’ve got roaring, growling, shouting, shrieking and screaming and some other unexplainable vocal noises but not a large amount of melodious singing! There’s no namby-pamby emo shit […]

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IPTOS Cloudcast No2 – Coming Attractions

“So soon?” I hear you ask, well yes it is only a couple of days since the inaugural cloudcast but I had the idea for this one and wanted to get it down before too many of the records I mention in it are released! Depending on ideas etc. the frequency of these will inevitably […]

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