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February’s Listening Highlights

  Another month gone and another clutch of good records came along with it, let me tell you about a few that I have been enjoying these past few weeks. First off I need to mention my record of the month which is without doubt HUMANFLY’s Awesome Science but as I wrote a review of […]

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April Highlights

Another month nearly gone, and another month crammed with some rather fantastic music! I am going to start off with a couple of records I need to say thank you to Jericho at Symbiotic Reviews for highlighting; Disappears and Doc Waffles. Two very different acts, both unknown to me at the time of discovery, but […]

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New Spotify Playlist

Now that pretty much all of The Jesus Lizard’s stuff is up on Spotify, I thought I’d do a Best Of playlist (my opinion of the Best Of anyway!) Click here if you want to listen and/or subscribe! Tracklisting; 1. Mouth Breather (from the 1991 album Goat) 2. Pastoral (from the 1990 album Head) 3. […]

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