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Random Pleasures No. 7

After the last few weeks of intense album listening for the end of year list, time for a refreshing dive into random tune territory! This morning’s ten tracks spat out by my iTunes shuffle for the never ending playlist were as follows; 1. Jeff Buckley – Gunshot Glitter (off the album “Sketches For My Sweetheart […]

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30 Days of Music: Day 15 – A Song That Describes You

Half way through the challenge and we’re getting to the really tricky ones now. I literally have no clue as to a song that “describes” me, if anyone who knows me reads this and you have any better ideas, please let me know (and before any smartarse suggests it, I’ve already thought of Ivor Biggun’s […]

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Oceansize split, sadface :(

Today I learnt (a few days late but I was away at the weekend) that one of my favourite bands has split up. Manchester rockers Oceansize have kept me entranced since I heard “Catalyst” on MTV2 around 2003, their confounding time signatures and meandering melodies giving them the same sort of listening longevity for me […]

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