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New Spotify Playlist – Space, Not so Silent Running

Time for a new Spotify playlist and today’s theme is “Space” decided by the Brakes track coming up on shuffle this morning. So here are an hour or so’s worth of space themed/inspired tracks, from the space rock of Hawkwind and Monster Magnet to the shoegaze and dreaminess of Slowdive and Eluvium. Ladies and Gentlemen […]

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New Spotify Playlist

Now that pretty much all of The Jesus Lizard’s stuff is up on Spotify, I thought I’d do a Best Of playlist (my opinion of the Best Of anyway!) Click here if you want to listen and/or subscribe! Tracklisting; 1. Mouth Breather (from the 1991 album Goat) 2. Pastoral (from the 1990 album Head) 3. […]

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Ah, just one more thing…

I meant to mention that, as in previous years, I am maintaining an ongoing Spotify playlist of good tracks from new albums added as I hear them (or soon after!). If you click on the link in blue below and subscribe to it you will see new tracks as I add them. 2012 ongoing Thank […]

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