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The Octopus Is Here!

Amplifier – The Octopus For fans of – Oceansize, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Pink Floyd After releasing “Insider” in 2006 Manchester band Amplifier decided that for their next release they wanted to control it all themselves, recording it and releasing it, without interference from jittery record labels wanting a run-of-the-mill 40 minute alt-rock album with plenty […]

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Sleigh Bells – Treats

How did this pass me by? This album came out back in May but obviously slipped completely under my radar, I knew nothing about it until I was checking out the 2010 shortlist on the405 website (here). What a noisy little bugger it is as well, more than once on the first listen I thought […]

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Zombie Zombie – Plays John Carpenter (EP)

I stumbled across this little gem while getting tracks together for the Halloween playlist I did the other week (here). It is an EP of five tracks from John Carpenter movies, the tracklisting reads like this; 1. The Bank Robbery (From Escape From New York) 2. Escape From LA Main Theme 3. Assault on Precinct […]

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Monster Magnet – Mastermind

Three years since their last album and Dave Wyndorf and co are back with “Mastermind”. Following his overdose at the start of 2006 and the subsequent, rather lacklustre album “4-Way Diablo” in 2007 I wondered if the Monster Magnet I fell in love with way back in 1995 were finally gone for good. So it […]

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I Like Trains – He Who Saw The Deep

In these days of doom and gloom regarding the whole music industry, Leeds band I Like Trains (or iLiKETRAiNS as they used to present themselves) show a glimmer of hope for the fans of the physical music release, something you can get your hands on instead of the ephemeral/transient feelings of downloaded mp3s, legal or […]

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