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DEFCON 5….4….3….2….1

<COMMUNICATION BEGINS> No contact, silence, not even static. The machine had been silent for nearly thirteen standard Earth years. It sat, its apparent antiquity looking out of place amongst the sleek more modern communications equipment that was standard at Outpost 43. Operator 14 had been given a short lecture about the incongruous machine before he […]

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“It was the day my Grandmother exploded” – A Few Words About Iain Banks

The Wasp Factory, Espedair Street, Complicity, Use Of Weapons, The Player Of Games, Walking On Glass, The Bridge, Feersum Endjinn, Excession, Consider Phlebas… If any of these titles means more to you than just writing down the spine of a book then, like me, you were no doubt hugely saddened to hear that author Iain […]

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