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New track streaming by Blanck Mass – White Math

Ben Power’s electronic drone side project Blanck Mass produced one of my favourite albums of last year with his self titled debut. The walls of beatless electronic noise were as hypnotic as they were compelling, although they inhabited the same universe as the output of his Fuck Buttons day job the tracks were far less […]

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March Highlights

March has been a pretty rotten month for me personally but fortunately the clutch of releases that I have heard these past few weeks have really helped lift me up as there have been some beauties, again! As always Spotify links in the album title. Hawk Eyes – Ideas (Fierce Panda) First up is an album […]

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Saturday’s Kids – Working hard for their living!

So the line in the old poem goes, sort of. Or, if you’d rather; “Saturday’s Kids play one arm bandits, They never win but that’s not the point is it, Dip in silver paper when their pints go flat, How about that? Far out!” The Jam – Saturday’s Kids Anyway, these Saturday’s Kids are a […]

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