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The IPTOS Fifty Favourite Albums of 2012 – Part 3, The Top Ten

So here we are, the culmination of the list, the ten albums that have kept me coming back for further listens, appreciation of them growing every time. 2012 was, yet again, another fantastic year for music of all kinds and genres and I just hope that you end up loving some of them as much […]

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October’s Album Highlights

Yes, yes, I know, my updates on this here blog are rather sparse at the moment and for that I apologise. Come December I will have much more time on my hands to devote to it again so hopefully you’ll see more appearing on here than of late. Especially as it’s heading towards the yearly […]

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Random Pleasures No. 10

Okay, unless I get people saying otherwise this will be the last of these for the time being. Number 10 seems like a good number to stop on, I still like the idea of sharing what comes out of my iTunes shuffle so may do something else in the future but for now this will […]

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