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I Prefer Their 90s Stuff Part 2 (cloudcast)

I decided it was time to do another cloudcast, a continuation of the last one I did, a selection of tunes from the nineties. A few relatively well known in amongst some that I hope may be less familiar to you. And yes I know I’ve made a mistake, the Half Man Half Biscuit track […]

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Streams – Will they become rivers or just dry up?

I thought it was about time I did a post about streaming services. As I have put countless Spotify links on here over the months and have a tab (^up there) full of Spotify playlists, I think it’s about time I shared my thoughts on the whole music streaming debate. I am going to gloss […]

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The Veils new EP sampler

The Veils, who produced one of my favourite albums of last year with “Sun Gangs”, release a new six track EP on January 24th 2011 entitled “The Troubles of the Brain” and kindly put up three tracks from it on Soundcloud to listen to. With melodies such as these they should by rights be […]

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