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The IPTOS 50 Best Albums of 2011 – The Top Ten

Here it is then, the ten best albums I have heard this year. These releases earnt their place by basically being the albums I have kept coming back to, they are the albums that have had me close to approaching awe, or in that place where you just give thanks for a working pair of […]

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February Musical Highlights

To paraphrase that old Ferrero Rocher advert; “But February, with all this great music you are really spoiling us!” Yes, February has been quite a month for new albums that have really made me sit up and take notice, some big names too, Radiohead, Mogwai, PJ Harvey, Trail of Dead etc. So here are a […]

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Can You Hear Me Tao?

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Tao of the Dead As a music fan there are certain bands which I consider “my own”, by that I mean bands that I have followed since their inception and that no other people’s recommendations have got me interested in them aside from the […]

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