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World Music? I’ll fetch my Goat.

Goat – World Music (Rocket Recordings) World Music, two words that when together usually have me reaching for the off button, not that I’ve got anything against music from other cultures but ‘world music’ usually indicates something that Andy Kershaw would be frothing over and everyone else thinks is just some bunch of guys rhythmically […]

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Random Pleasures No. 10

Okay, unless I get people saying otherwise this will be the last of these for the time being. Number 10 seems like a good number to stop on, I still like the idea of sharing what comes out of my iTunes shuffle so may do something else in the future but for now this will […]

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Random Pleasures No. 9

Part of me wants to pack in doing these as no bugger ever seems to listen to them (No.8 is still sat at zero listens on Mixcloud), and they take a fair bit of effort! But I am going to persevere, for the meantime anyway. Hopefully they’ll find some listeners sooner or later. So here is another […]

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Random Pleasures No.2

5th September 2011 18:30 – Back from work, and iTunes provides the following (click on the play button to see a tracklisting); IPTOS Random Pleasures No.2 Cloudcast by BioMech68, posted with vodpod

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February Musical Highlights

To paraphrase that old Ferrero Rocher advert; “But February, with all this great music you are really spoiling us!” Yes, February has been quite a month for new albums that have really made me sit up and take notice, some big names too, Radiohead, Mogwai, PJ Harvey, Trail of Dead etc. So here are a […]

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The Go! Team – Rolling Blackouts

I remember when I first heard The Go! Team’s music, it was at a party of a friend of mine and he was going on about this band he’d heard and how different they were, he was having a hard time explaining it verbally so he decided to put it on so I could listen. […]

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