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Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage

In the first half of this year I thought my very choosy taste in the heavier genres of music was to be left unrequited, but then the good stuff started to appear, the first to really perk me up was the amazing assault of Ireland’s Altar of Plagues’ second album “Mammal”. Then “Epoch” the second album […]

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30 Days of Music: Day 9 – A Song That You Can Dance To

Hmm, well without blowing my own trumpet too much (no jokes here about “blowing one’s own trumpet” please!), I have been complimented more than once in the past on my ability to competently throw a few shapes in the church of dance! Although they were given a fair few years ago, a lot of water […]

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30 Days of Music: Day 1 – Your Favourite Song

This first category almost had me throwing in the towel before I’d even started! It took me years to finally come up with my favourite album, to pick one tune as a favourite was a big ask. It had to be a tune that I have loved for many years, it could not be something […]

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