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30 Days of Music: Epilogue – Songs that Scare or Disturb You

Well, the official challenge is over, a big thank you if you stuck with me the whole way through! I hope you found my choices interesting, I think if I did a similar thing again I’d use a bit more flexibility/individuality in the categories to prevent it getting to be a chore. And in that […]

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Oceansize split, sadface :(

Today I learnt (a few days late but I was away at the weekend) that one of my favourite bands has split up. Manchester rockers Oceansize have kept me entranced since I heard “Catalyst” on MTV2 around 2003, their confounding time signatures and meandering melodies giving them the same sort of listening longevity for me […]

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February Musical Highlights

To paraphrase that old Ferrero Rocher advert; “But February, with all this great music you are really spoiling us!” Yes, February has been quite a month for new albums that have really made me sit up and take notice, some big names too, Radiohead, Mogwai, PJ Harvey, Trail of Dead etc. So here are a […]

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