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30 Days of Music: Epilogue – Songs that Scare or Disturb You

Well, the official challenge is over, a big thank you if you stuck with me the whole way through! I hope you found my choices interesting, I think if I did a similar thing again I’d use a bit more flexibility/individuality in the categories to prevent it getting to be a chore. And in that […]

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Oceansize split, sadface :(

Today I learnt (a few days late but I was away at the weekend) that one of my favourite bands has split up. Manchester rockers Oceansize have kept me entranced since I heard “Catalyst” on MTV2 around 2003, their confounding time signatures and meandering melodies giving them the same sort of listening longevity for me […]

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February Musical Highlights

To paraphrase that old Ferrero Rocher advert; “But February, with all this great music you are really spoiling us!” Yes, February has been quite a month for new albums that have really made me sit up and take notice, some big names too, Radiohead, Mogwai, PJ Harvey, Trail of Dead etc. So here are a […]

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Interesting insight into how a track is put together

Leeds electronic duo worriedaboutsatan take us through the making of last year’s Heart Monitor single (thanks to and worriedaboutsatan for this). Listen to the whole EP here;

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My Number 1 album of all time

For years I have always been reluctant to try and settle on one album above all others, if people asked me the question I always said there could not be just one album that I prefer over everything else, that it all depends on mood, setting etc. But the other day I listened to this […]

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My January Musical Highlights

The first month of 2011 is almost over and if the rest of the year carries on like this it will be a spectacular year for new music! Here are a few videos from the albums I’ve heard this month that have had me coming back to them repeatedly. Wire – Red Barked Tree Up […]

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The Mostly Armless Top 50 Albums of 2010 Part One (50 – 31)

As tempting as it is to wait to see if any other gems come to my attention before finalising my 2010 list, there are only a few weeks of the year left so I need to draw a line under what I have ranked so far, anything else that comes up now, well tough, I’ll […]

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