Ten Years of Compilation CDs (Disc No.8)

Not sure why this one is a good ten minutes short of a full CD, I guess at the time I thought it was just right, it does flow pretty well (my only misgiving is the Magyar Posse track, it does tend to go on a bit!) but if I was doing it now I think I’d endeavour to squeeze another couple of tracks on there, you know, pack in the value!

Track 9 was a nice find on some label sampler I had and I thought it would be right up Net’s street. Track 12 is an absolute banger, impossible not to dance around the room like an idiot to! You’ve got to listen to it now haven’t you?!

1. The Go! Team – Bust-out Brigade
2. The War on Drugs – Baby Missiles
3. Beirut – Bratislava
4. Fugazi – Foreman’s Dog
5. A Perfect Circle – Imagine
6. Magyar Posse – Intercontinental Hustle
7. Ladytron – Melting Ice
8. Alexander Tucker – Red String
9. Storsviet Nix Noltes – Wedding Rachenitsa
10. Crippled Black Phoenix – Get Down and Live With It
11. 16 Horsepower – Black Soul Choir
12. That Fucking Tank – Acid Jam
13. Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce
14. How To Destroy Angels – Is Your Love Strong Enough?
15. Mark Lanegan Band – Harborview Hospital

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